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Tennessee Horse Gives CEDAR-AL Cedar Spray 4 Hoofs Up!

"Ticks can be really invasive to horses. They infest my horse under his chin, in his ears, under his shoulders, mane, tail, groin, all the tender spots. CEDAR-AL cedar spray is the BEST product for chasing them away! Also, he LOVES when I spray him with it, he thinks it's his cologne and acts like he's getting a royal spa treatment."

How It Works

In a nutshell: When insect pests are exposed to cedar oil, the aroma of the cedar oil overwhelms their breathing system and dissolves their eggs and larvae, eliminating the next generation. The aroma of cedar simultaneously disrupts their pheromone signals and creates a barrier of entry to newly arriving pests. More Detail: Unlike pesticides that have to be digested or touched, cedar oil only needs to permeate in order to eliminate an insect. This works very well with pheromone-driven insects that need to follow a “chemical trail” in order to complete tasks. Insects like bees, wasps, butterflies and other non-pheromone-driven insects will simply stay away from this aroma. Our products do not contain acetone thus they have the pleasant aroma of natural cedar.

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