Update from CEDAR-AL about COVID-19 as of 8/5/20

Dear CEDAR-AL loyal customers;

Due to increases in the costs of production and supply brought on by COVID-19, we are forced to increase the cost of our products to continue to bring you the same great service and quality you have come to know over the years.

As of 9/1, the price for individual bottles will increase $5, specials and promotions will increase by $5 cumulatively, but the cost of shipping will not change, assuming your order will fit into a priority envelope. If the order is too large, we will follow up, as usual, to communicate the best shipping method. 

Thank you for using CEDAR-AL to keep your home clean and insect free, and supporting us during these confusing and challenging times! If you're looking for more ways to stay safe, check out the CDC website for the latest information.

Stay Safe ❤

Roberto & Elise Martinez

"We use the cedar shampoo for our dog and our son's dog. We use the cedar spray for the bedding, small amount under his bedding. Plus I spray in our musty cellar. I also spray around the door ways and windows to help keep bugs away. I spray in my cedar closets to freshen them up also. I put on cotton balls under furniture and in cupboards to freshen those places. It is sprayed on cotton balls and I make little scarves for my pets, with that oil and lavender that I grow to repel fleas when he is playing outside. I use it actually everywhere. Also in my blanket chest to store seasonal clothes and blankets. Soooo much better then moth balls. Spray my screens with it. I love the stuff, as you can see. It is simply a wonderful fresh smell. Some goes in my wash water every once in a while to wash floors also, just a tiny amount. There are many uses for it. I dilute it in a spray bottle with water to spray around my house and closets. So as not to be too strong or irritating to the nose or skin if comes in contact, plus it helps to go further for me as I do use it a lot!!! Thank you for your wonderful products. I always tell people about you, keep up great smelling products!"

Mona from North Carolina
Wonderful Products !!

Roberto and Elise Martinez

Ma and Pa CEDAR-AL

Mother Nature’s Pest Control Since 1985

Welcome to cedaroil.com the home of CEDAR-AL products. We are a family-based business since 1985. You may remember our products sold at Eddie Bauer before they switched to an outfitter store. The same product you love and remember is sold here. Our mission has always been to provide natural and environmentally safe products. We pride ourselves in that we give customers another choice, a safer alternative, rather than one with long term risks in comparison to systemic risky topical flea treatments and DEET products.

Do you or your pet scratch? Allergic to bees or mosquitoes? Has your cedar chest lost its scent? Check out our CEDAR-AL products for almost every need in your home, for your pets, and for any outdoor activities.

CEDAR-AL cedar oil is colorless and safe to use on most fabrics.

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